Bayesian Network tools in Java (BNJ)

BNJ User Community

As of Fri 21 May 2004, the BNJ source and binaries have been downloaded over 4500 times and 130 offsite users have registered it.
In addition, about 35 local faculty and postgraduate research students have used BNJ since its initial release (1.0a, 04 May 2002).

Here are some statistics regarding the downloaded versions:

Applications Releases

Total downloads to date: N/A

Source Code Releases

Total downloads to date: 4754

A total of 101 current registered BNJ users and developers (besides those at K-State) hail from:

Coming soon: FreeBayes, the online directory of free software for probabilistic learning and reasoning in graphical models

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Page created: Fri 20 Dec 2002
Last updated: Fri 21 May 2004
William H. Hsu
BNJ Development Team